‘Felix & The Lovebirds’ are a CREATIvE TEAM made up of Kevin Morosky and Tom Dunn.

Currently working at We are social, Kevin and Tom are TTL senior creatives who have spent the past few years agency-side...

...Whilst moonlighting as an accomplished writer / director duo.



Vodafone / Audi / Adidas / Spar / Prime Video/ Huawei / Prince's Trust / Lush / Samsung / Etihad / Absolut / Women's Equality Party / Converse / Pancreatic Cancer Action / Maytree Suicide Sanctuary


What’s in a name?

Morosky’s two ‘Lovebird’ tattoos sit on each of his hands. One called Gloria, and the other Valentine ( his grandparents names ) . They serve as a constant visual reminder to Kevin to do the right thing. 

Tom's about to get a ‘Felix the Cat’ tattoo. One day. Honest.