F E L I X A N D T H E  L O V E B I R D S



 ‘Felix & The Lovebirds’ are a CREATIvE TEAM made up of Kevin Morosky and Tom Dunn.

Currently working at We are social, Kevin and Tom are TTL creatives who have spent the past few years agency-side...

...Whilst moonlighting as an accomplished writer / director duo.



Vodafone / Audi / Adidas / Huawei / Prince's Trust / Lush / Samsung / Etihad / Absolut / Women's Equality Party / Converse / Pancreatic Cancer Action / Maytree Suicide Sanctuary


What’s in a name?

Morosky’s two ‘Lovebird’ tattoos sit on each of his hands. One called Gloria, and the other Valentine ( his grandparents names ) . They serve as a constant visual reminder to Kevin to do the right thing. 

Tom's about to get a ‘Felix the Cat’ tattoo. One day. Honest.