The Huawei P10's dual Leica lens is a genuine game changer in mobile phone technology - but, like an actual DSLR, it takes time and patience to get real results out of it. So how do you re-educate people to consider mobile phone photography as an art form worth getting invested in...and not just a way to take one off pictures that happen to 'look pretty'?


You show how photography can tell a story. Timed to match the debut of Instagram's ten-image Carousel feature, 'Reveal the Real You' was a call for photo-enthusiasts to prove the power of photography to change perceptions.

We asked some of today’s most creative up-and-coming photographers to document and celebrate the cause or community that reveals their true selves. Twenty inspiring communities from across the UK, captured in all their bold beauty on the Huawei P10.

Three were selected by judges from Leica and the Arts Fund to each receive £10,000 for their cause. One got the chance to exhibit their very own outdoor photography gallery – right in the heart of the community they love (Birmingham, represent!).

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