SPAR wanted to promote its People’s Podium community initiative for the second year running, inviting people to promote the champions of their local sports scene. Last year’s nominations surprised SPAR, in that many focussed on the unsung stars of their club - coaches, cleaners, even just people who made them smile - rather than the usual MVPs. They wanted to articulate this, but they didn’t know how.


We invited people to look for their Hero Next Door; the person who really makes a difference to your sports club or team above and beyond the usual remit of most medals or points scored. Doing this allowed us to more naturally align with SPAR’s brand identity as the friendly local shop, which we further leveraged by casting Andi Peters himself as our presenter. Crucially though, the campaign’s main focus was on celebrating last year’s winners as people who mattered.

Our KPI was 1,400 nominations, with a three month deadline. We hit it in three weeks.

We also Directed this

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